Hello, this is my first post. I am Lazar, not my real name, but I've been using that handle for over 10 years, so it may as well be my real name. I like to record gameplay footage just as a hobby for myself and a few friends. My real passion is music videos, even though I usually never finish them. However I actually managed to get all the way through one with a final product that I am mostly happy with. I kind of rushed the ending because I worked on this for 4 days and just wanted to be done. I will most likely change it later. Leonardo da Vinci said something like "Art is never finished, only abandoned." I am far from a pro and I have limited tools, basically anything that's free. I did this video with Windows Movie Maker and Shadowplay.

What really spurred me on to finish this project is that the video kept just happening to sync up with the music almost perfectly by accident so I can't take full credit. There are only 4 places in the video where I did frame by frame editing to get the camera effects timed with the music. At first watch it may seem like everything is way off, but if you pay attention you will notice that many of the games camera effects are timed on off beats. Some are with the guitar, some are with the drums, some are with the vocals. This project has actually boost my confidence a little bit and I'm pretty excited to start the next one. Anyways, please watch if you have time. I am not asking for likes or subs, just want a least a few people to see it lol.

Contains spoilers for Max Payne 3 and images of video game violence.