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Thread: First part of a psychological thriller (Version 2)... would like an honest opinion

  1. Default First part of a psychological thriller (Version 2)... would like an honest opinion

    Hi there,
    this is the second version of the first part of a movie.

    Would like to know what you think:

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    In my opinion, much improved. We get to understand what the movie is about without too much being given away about the stance the protagonist is taking (which is cool as it sort of moves around as the movie progresses).
    I liked the miixing of different types of clips/sources although I did feel there was too much if this. The cynic inside me also can't help feeling this was just a lazy way of coping with the fact none of it matched.
    However, whether or not it was a cop out, it was done very well. I thought the story was constructed well and it kept my interest (caveat - I've only watched 33mins so far)

    However, there are a couple, of problems early o: The student buy Julian's box of footage. this is crucial to the whole ting but (a) why would anyone offer it to them? (b) why would they even consider buying it? At this stage they know nothing of Julian and the mystery surrounding him. This may be explained later in the film, but I spent most of my time watching with the nagging feeling that this simply wouldn't happen. It may be, of course, that they were just being sold a bunch of media to use themselves (eg blank tapes) but if so, this wasnt clear.
    The other problem is that in the clip showing the stuff that they'd bought "including a laptop", the shot of the laptop shows it playing the clip of Julian's body being dragged off the boat - something Julian could never possibly have had in his possession.Quite possibly this clip was shot much later and inserted into the timeline by the "film makers", but it is unnecessarily confusing.

    As I say perhaps it will all be explained..

    And this 1 hour is only PART of the film ....?

    Great effort. Loads of work gione into it and (I'm hoping) a good story.

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    Hi Tim,
    thanks for your comments!!!
    Problems a) and b) I will solve to make things clearer. And the laptop scene I will change, too.

    I updated the video with a new version, in which the end is different.
    I also cut out 4 minutes somewhere in the middle, taking out the complete "Why Julian changed his life" part, the accident scene, I think this way it flows better.

    And yes, this 1 hour is only PART of the film, but I want to finish a 90min+ film

    Here the updated version:
    There is more to come.

    By the way, most of the film is not color graded, yet... shots will match better then.

    Thanks so much for your help and time!!!
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