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    My next experiment this weekend was using the natural sounds rather than adding music to my videos. This is the first one with no music. Surprisingly steam engines are fairly quiet most of the time

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    23secs - again watch for cutting between shots that are too similar.
    Nat sound is absolutely essential for something like this - it adds so much atmosphere. Don't forget you don't need to use the audio that was actually recorded with the video. Wat this means is you can get in really close to get good audio of the machines (and less general ambient of other machines, people etc) to give an even more compelling soundtrack.
    You have some good stuff there but (as is common) there's a danger of "More of the same". If you feel inclined, try an edit lasting only 1:30 (ie half the time). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Wahts more, people are more likely to hang around until the end if they know a film is only a minute and a half long.

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    Thanks Tim, will take it all on board, especially getting the sounds separately.

    Really struggle with re-edits, just get bogged down in them and would probably start again from the raw footage. But I've banned myself from re-edits for the time being. Learn from this one and move on to the next.

    Definitely trying to aim for 1:30 length

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