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Thread: First part of a movie... would like an honest opinion

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    Hi there,
    this is the first part of a movie.
    Would like to know what you think:


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    Ok, I watched 5 minutes, sorry but time is short, I've added it to my watch later list and one day you never know I may watch it all.
    It was starting to draw me in a bit, want to know what it was all about, so something is working for it. The shaky hand held footage was working for me ok and I quite liked the style, but I think it may wear on me if it went on for 40 minutes. I'll try and watch another 5 minutes tomorrow

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    I'm afraid I gave up sooner than Matt. I don't mind working a bit to find our what's going on, but I just found this too disjointed. I appreciate this is the style of a lot of "conspiracy theory" type videos and I have little doubt that this will have its audience. But it's not for me I'm afraid - I need some sort f hint at what this is likely to be about in the first three minutes.

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    Hi guys, thanks for your input! I will go back to an earlier version as far as the start of the film is concerned, less disjointed and with high quality shots. And within three and a half minutes you will know what the story is about.
    Really much appreciated your constructive critique.
    I deleted the video, but will uploads a new version soon, would be great to hear your opinion then...
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