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Thread: Vacation Video - 1 week in Southtirol

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    Cool Vacation Video - 1 week in Southtirol

    Hi Guys
    This yeah i was one week in Southtirol, it's very beautiful there and i made a little vacation video. (
    I shot it on the Lumix GH4 in VLOG (first time).
    Aerial stuff was made with the Phantom 4.
    I am looking forward hearing your feedback from you! And i know color grading went a little bit flat and desaturated, but as said first time in VLOG

    Hope you like it,

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    Colour is a bit odd, but quite consistent so I got used to it, some people aim for that look.
    Some of your edits and cuts are too much, feels like you're trying a new effect just because it's on the menu.
    It doesn't really tell a story or take us on a journey, lots of nice clips edited together. I kind of got lost and didn't know how the shots related to each other. Having a central character or person could have held it together. But I guess it was a holiday not a film shoot

    I like the variety of shots and techniques, and the additional sound always gives more depth to the video. The ant at 1:32 is really funny, just wish it was in focus. Overall a nice record of your holiday.

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    Most clips are in desperate need of contrast and saturation. As it stands you can't make out any detail! The general idea is that you film "flat" so that you don't bake in a look - but you do still need to adjust the video. You're just moving from in camera to post.

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    Yeah it's always hard to tell a story within a landscape video...and i didn't always had the opportunity to have someone walk in front of me...
    Color grading is a little bit tough on this one yeah i know, but a just made a new video on the beautiful green lake in austria and this time i graded with Magic Bullet looks instead of Film Convert.
    Worked 10 times better i guess (


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