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Thread: How do I create this kind of interactive video?

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    Default How do I create this kind of interactive video?

    I've been editing for years, mainly making music videos for my own band and other bands. I came across this interactive music video and want to create one similar. Here's the video -

    Does anyone know what software to use to create a video like this? The idea I have is to film a bunch of people's faces and split the shot into quarters and the user can click a quarter to change that section of the face.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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    Flash maybe?

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    I think it's lots of little video clips all loaded into hidden <VIDEO> html tags, then a bit of javascript to show the next one when the user clicks. The music is separate to the video clips. You could do the same and position 4 videos on the page, then replace them as the user clicks each one. Probably easiest with JQuery.

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