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Thread: Best Mascots ever!!!

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    Smile Best Mascots ever!!!

    This animation is a part of the Mascot Jam in where you have to make your very own mascot that has been rejected

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    Why all the aspect ratio changes?

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    what are you talking about?

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    The "black borders" at the sides vary in size.

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    Good, What application you used to create this animation?

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    Will heres the thing I made the background in ms paint and then spice it with some adobe Photoshop to make it look better and yes some times doing things like these can make the drawings look very weird:P

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    The programs that everyone hates ms paint and windows movie maker actually if you look up ms paint animations on you tube you can find some very amazing works

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    Wow, Will check it soon and i will see what can i make it
    Thanks buddy

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