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Thread: Another Edited Video, Trying to get back into the swing of things film related

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    Hey guys. Been a while since I've been on here or even edited a video to share, but I did finally and was wanting to share for constructive criticism. I'm really looking for advice to get the editing perfect for this. Keep in mind I haven't learned after effects or illustrator, so this was all just done on Premiere with adding in some free sound effects and even door rattling which I did myself. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I am missing something on this video to make it really good I just can't see it right now. Footage was from editstock, if anyone is looking for decent footage to play around with in the editing room. Thanks guys.

    Stranger at the Door

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    I personally didn't like the design of the title.
    Voice volume is too low. I could hardly hear anything with headphones pumped to the max.
    Was the gun sound intentionally only on one guy shooting?

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    What was bad with the title that you didn't like or is it just not your taste?
    Also yeah I had a hard time with that as well, the volume was bad on most of the shots and I raised them without blowing out the audio for the scene but still hard to hear over background music or SFX.
    Gun was meant for both guys I see what your saying now though with it being off a bit.
    Thanks for the feedback man.

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    The title design may just be my personal taste.

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    There is a fade transition rather than a cut at around 21 secs. Looks odd to me. The titles don't look right for the piece the style would be more suited to a travelogue. If both guns are firing there should be two bangs at the same time in sinc with the image of the guns being fired.

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