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    Question Can you help?

    I hope you can help, Iím a permanent wheelchair user and I use a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It is a typical characteristic of these converted vehicles that I am sat really high up behind the driver effectively meaning my only forward view is the headlining.
    So what I want to do is mount a camera of some description on the dash and show the live pictures on a screen mounted probably to the headrest so I will get a front seat view in the back.
    To be honest I am getting a bit lost with the teccy stuff and the advice I have had so far is totally contradictory. So I am hoping that someone who knows what they are talking about will give me some good advice.
    What is the best way to do this?

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    I would look for a camera and a screen that both run on batteries (or 12 V/car plug adapter) and have an HDMI interface. The camera should have an option to send video to HDMI then.

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    Sorry I am sure this is kids stuff to you , is it as simple as buying a camera with HDMI out and a screen with HDMI in?

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    Yes, very much likely it is. I have a Nikon 1 J2 and a KKmoon 7" TFT which work pretty well together. Battery life may be an issue though depending on how far you usually drive.

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    Not sure what your requirements are in regards to picture quality but a very easy, cheap albeit unsophisticated solution would be to get a reversing camera. In case you've never heard about that, it's basically a parking aid that consists of a camera and screen.
    Something like:
    I have no real experience with these though and I imagine that the quality is not going to impress anyone. It should however give you some idea of what's happening in front if you mount it on the hood instead of the boot.
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