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Thread: 4k noob mistake!! HELP!!!!

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    Unhappy 4k noob mistake!! HELP!!!!

    Hello all, would first like to say thanks for accepting me to this group!
    I recently went on a trip with my girlfriend driving in our camper to Portugal I bought a gopro just for this and basically without realising how HUUUGE 4k files are I ended up with almost 1TB of footage! yes i know!!!
    I had no idea how big it was because i was just blindly uploading it to my computer each night.
    anyway now all this footage is useless to me, i wanted to make a long video with it but when i go to convert the videos on goprostudiobut it says i do not have enough space. I then tried on final cut pro to edit but the files are just too bulky, i cant use proxy files because of lack of space.
    I tried to convert the files to something less bulky but they come out looking awful, i tried to do this on 4k video converter for mac.
    I am using a 2011 macbook pro with 16gb of Ram and 1tb SSD drive, I have a 4tb external HDD drive too.

    Can anyone suggest the best course of action to get these into editing software!?
    I would really appreciate any help I am absolutely gutted about it as I got some really nice footage to use!


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    If you can at least get them into final cut, then just use it to trim the videos into smaller files

    Edit all the chaff out of the smaller files

    Unless you are JJ Abrams, you will end up with about 2 minutes of video for every hour of footage, so don't worry about the final product being too bulky

    Once you're left with 20-30GB of footage, import it all back into fcp and make your movie

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    Could you probably edit on an external hard drive?

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    The DOP has a 4TB external drive so I don't think that's the problem

    It sounds like the raw files are unmanageably huge, so the best bet is to figure out how to cut them up without losing any information

    Basic cinematography tells us that a main shot should be around 5 seconds and a reaction shot around 2 seconds - so unless the DOP plans to work on his movie for three years, it should end up around 8 or 10 minutes - just enough for a nice tour of Portugal

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