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Thread: Ink Parallax?

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    Default Ink Parallax?

    Hello all,

    I'm using Sony Vegas 13 Pro and i was watching some tutorial on youtube. then I saw this video Ink Parallax and tried to create something like that, but failled.

    Does anybody know how to do this? (


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    I think I've worked it out.

    On track 1 you need to put event 1 then over lap event 2 by about 3 seconds. Choose the Gradient Wipe transition called Nebulous and drag it into the over lap. Then add a the effect called Cookie Cutter to event 2.
    On track 2 duplicate event 2 under the same time location (without the cookie cutter effect on it). Use the Pan Crop tool to zoom in a little over the duration of the event.

    If that doesn't mean anything to you I can't help further.
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    Thanks Midnight Blue...i will try that!! (y)

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    MB's explanation is accurate, but I don't see why this effect is being called "parallax"


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