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Thread: Travel Vlog Entry ~ What Do You Think?

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    Default Travel Vlog Entry ~ What Do You Think?

    Hey everyone, thank you for checking my post.

    I am a travel vlogger mostly posting on YouTube. We live and travel full time in our Class A motorhome across North America. I was hoping for some outside opinions on the video and how to improve it. My main goal with the vlog is to make people feel as though they are traveling with us. This video is set in Homer, Alaska. Thanks again!


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    The audio switches between channels. This is especially annoying with headphones.
    At 0:50 you are talking about that you can see glaciers and volcanoes - show them.
    1:03 horizon out of level.
    Some short interview style elements may have been nice. Just ask one of your children what it liked best and show it alongside the answer.
    Generally you could sound more engaging. Put a big smile on your face before you record your voiceover.
    Cut everything shorter. Ask yourself for each piece if it adds to the story compared to the previous one or if it is just nice to have.
    Beware of copyright issues with your live music recording.
    6:54 Camera shadow right in your face.

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    Diary room breaks would be great

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    I found it pretty relaxing. Good Sunday Night viewing.
    Whilst I appreciate this sort of thing isn't about expert shots, I found myself being put off by too much camera wandering about in the early parts of the film. Not dreadful, but noticeable.
    Not sure we needed quite so much of the food preparation. Substitute some washing up for some of it?
    Can't disagree with Ray's or Zam's comments.

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    Great video, beautiful spot you guys were at. Since you introduced it as a vlog, just based on watching really successful vloggers, maybe add a bit more face time with you talking to the camera as your explaining stuff to us about your visit. Also I agree with above with the food prep scene, WAY too long, just ended up skipping past that part. Also I think a small interview with a local or two about the bakery would have been nice just to get their view on the place and the history of the area if possible, but overall a cool and relaxing vlog.

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