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Thread: Premier Pro Default Transitions Not working!

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    Default Premier Pro Default Transitions Not working!

    For no apparent reason the default transition for audio has stopped working. The option on the Sequence Menu is greyed - and CTRL-SHIFT-D has no effect.

    This morning it worked.

    It used be the audio worked and default video transition didn't work.

    I've changed nothing.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

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    so your saying you can't apply a transition. becouse i dont no what you mean be more clear and ill try to help
    i read your e-mail.

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    CTRL-D should apply the default video transition between two clips.

    SHIFT-CTRL-D should apply the default audio transition.

    sometimes they both work. Sometimes they don't. Sometime one works and not the other.

    It seems to be totally random. I've seen on the adobe forums others have had this problem, but found no solution.

    I can still add transitions manually.

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    hmm thats weird man. have you tryed uninstalling it then reinstaling it. sometimes that helps><><>...,
    i read your e-mail.

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    Default Shortcuts for transitions

    Yeah youre right .:idea:
    I'm not a great user of shortcut keys but I'd forgotten this one. I've been dragging and dropping every single dissolve transition since I found that control d wasnt working every time.
    Hope someone can shed some light cos it would be a great time saver if it worked every time.

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