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Thread: A subtle Q regarding the way the timeline works

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    Default A subtle Q regarding the way the timeline works

    When you start up Vegas, the timeline is aligned at 00:00:00 at the LH end.

    When you import some video media, and drag it down to the timeline, it normally gets dragged to be left-aligned. Why put it anywhere else?

    BUT the video itself contains date+time, all the way along, embedded in every single video frame!

    Is there an option to align the video (or maybe move the timeline time axis instead) using its internal time?

    I ask this because when you import SRT data, it gets placed according to the timeline time axis. I am using Vegasaur SRT import (it generates Sony Text subtitle objects) and it has a "place at cursor" option but that doesn't do anything. So I have to manually move the subtitle block to make it line up, which has some problems:

    1) On a video such as this

    where there is a subtitle object every 3 seconds or so, the existence of thousands of subtitles slows down the UI of the program so much it only barely works. It's not completely unusable, and anyway I just do an intermediate render at this point.

    2) There may not always be usable cues for the alignment

    3) The process loads ALL the subtitles in the SRT file, so the loading (followed by the intermediate render) has to be done before any cutting.

    So, in short, is there any way to make Vegas use the time embedded in the video to position it on the timeline?

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    Perhaps something in Tools->Scripting?

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    I have been in contact with Vegasaur.

    What happens is that the SRT data (in the form of Sony Title events) gets placed onto the timeline at a position corresponding to the timeline time scale.

    That kind of makes sense. Where else could it put it?

    I cannot find any option to place movie media on the timeline in the same way however.

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