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    Hi All, I am a hobbyist videographer and editor looking to buy a new computer. Hitfilm which I'm planning on using has recently recommended the following spec, 1Tb SSD PCIE, 16Gb RAM, 64 bit operating system, Intel i7 with 4 or more cores and a GTX 1070 graphics card. Now I realise that with my budget of 750 I'm not going to get all that but what should I cut back on and what should I try to keep given that I am not a professional but still want to turn out something looking good.

    Thanks for any help.............Keith Adams

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    I have i7-3770k 3.5 GHz 12GB RAM 1tb storage, no SSD. I'm running Power Director 15 Ultra and my PC is more than enough to handle the software,. It all comes down to your needs, if your going to run something more powerful I would definitely use the manufacturers suggested specs.

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    You can cut back on the SSD. Just use fewer or smaller video clips

    My own system, bought a little over a year ago is more powereful, but I have a smallish SSD for boot and a 750BG PCIE SSD for video. I also have several mechanical HDs. My "current" projects are all on the SSDs and whilst I may only have a few on teh go at a time we're talking about 30min to 1.5hr school productions with maybe six cameras on each (actually two cameras shot over 3 nights) 50Mbps 4:2:2 MXF files, so fairly big. Never run into a space problem. Of course this is straight editing, colour correction and audio mixing

    I use Hitfilm for more fun productions (green screen stuff mainly) create lots of intermediate files here but they are not very long (ie not big)

    None of this will affect the quality (which is sort of what you asked). Slower GPU and CPU may make editing slower though - and this can affect the creative input.

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