This past week I went out and test flew my new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I shot a bunch of footage on the camera's RAW, 24 fps setting with film dynamic range. The RAW files contain a lot of data and fill up an SD card very quickly, but it gives you full 444 resolution which is excellent for keying and VFX. For this first outing, I was more interested in seeing what the files looked like with their flat output and what could be done to them with color-correction. Unfortunately, I did not have a stabilizer so each shot was hand held and are a wee bit shaky. I used only ambient light (indoors and out), at 400 ISO and a wide-angle lens. Video resolution was 1080. I color corrected using Resolve Lite. The shots in the video are shown first as flat, then wipe to a color corrected comparison in the middle of the clip.