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    Hey all. I just purchased a Videomic pro from a friend. I can guarantee that it was working when he shipped it to me, no sketchiness in our deal or anything. The last time it worked it was being used on a Sony A7SII I believe. When I plug it into my GH4 I see a level meter but I get no sound. My in camera audio settings seem to be okay to me. I plugged it into my macbook pro to see, and my mac does not recognize the mic at all. The batteries are good, it powers on with a green light. It does not work on any of the possible built in setting configurations. Any ideas what could be wrong with it?

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    The diaphragm could have been damaged during shipping

    My rode doesn't work on my iPad because it is the wrong jack - does your iMac have a separate input for microphone and headphones or is it all in one like the iPad?

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    My Mac only has one jack, but I tried it on a friend's DSLR. Turns out that with all the levels at the highest I get a TINY muffled version of the audio from the mic... Guess ive gotta send it back?

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