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Thread: Can anyone tell the difference between these two videos?

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    Default Can anyone tell the difference between these two videos?!AlnbpIqfmrSQgV0MmxTrMuybiufB

    The bigger one is 50mbits/sec XAVC-S.
    The other one is 25mbits/sec AVC.

    I can't see any difference, except maybe a tiny change in colour.

    Both are Sony FDR-1000V camera.

    The reason for using the 25mbits/sec mode is that (1) you get 2x more data onto the SD card and (2) the files are 4GB chunks and can be transferred over wifi. The XAVC-S file is in one piece and seemingly won't transfer over wifi (one has to use USB). OTOH the lack of breaks makes video editing easier.

    Both are 1080P 50FPS. My feeling is that the difference between 25mbits/sec and 50mbits/sec is going to be very hard to see, especially is very rapid movement is avoided.
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    You probably won't notice the difference in a test like this. It's only when you get the footage on the time line and you have to really stretch the codec with a big correction etc. that you might notice one can handle it better. Perhaps if you watch the footage on a really big screen you may also see some difference.

    Just go with what ever works best for you and don't worry too much about 25 or 50 mbps. You'll do better to make sure what you're shooting is in focus and exposed correctly. If you can do that it's doesn't normally matter about the other technical settings. I understand you want to get the best from your camera the fist step of doing that is filming interesting things.

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    Wot Midnight said. But I would have used more words.

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