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Thread: Pro 13 strange cut behaviour

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    Default Pro 13 strange cut behaviour

    I have never had this in MSP11 or 12, or a previous install of Pro 13.

    I reinstalled Pro 13 after some problems with the PC (had to restore an image backup which preceeded the Pro 13 installation) and now I get a very strange editing problem.

    I press S to split the tracks here

    and when I click on the two track sections here to select them (first click on the video and then hold down Shift and click on the sound track) and press Delete

    instead of deleting the selected bits, it seems to delete a load of other stuff to the right... in fact it deletes most of the video track.

    It is slightly as if it was deleting everything which is NOT selected.
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    Are you sure it's deleting stuff to the right - you say "sort of"

    My guess is that you have AutoRipple turned on and when you hit delete, the selected events ARE deleted but everything else shifts left to fill in the gap. Am I right?
    By default, Auto Ripple is one of the buttons along the bottom in VP13. Ctrl+L is the shortcut.

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    I think I found it... I had earlier tried to group together the entire job (timecode, video, sound) so as to enable auto ripple to work on all three tracks at the same time. This seems to have caused deletions to happen not only on the bit I had selected (which was visible) but also on other bits which were also selected (because they were grouped) but I didn't see them selected because they were way off to the RH side.

    Currently I am rendering the timecode to the 5hr movie (a speed-up will be next) so even with an i7-970 you won't have to answer any silly questions from me for a good number of hours

    Incidentally I deleted the sound track since it will be meaningless on the speeded up version, and it contains too much private stuff (which would need to be edited out) and I am not going to sit there for 5hrs listening to it...

    It's a flying video, UK to Croatia.

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