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Thread: providing HD video on USB

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    Default providing HD video on USB

    Hi. I usually provide finished video on Bluray or DVD but, with lots of people now having TVS that play HD MP4, the demand for USB has grown.

    I have rendered some of my work as MP4 (files that are about 26GB in size) and put them on USB. They play on my TV and PC but stopped and started on a clients. From a look at Google, seems some TV processors are better than others at handling large files. I suppose the alternative is to break the file up into lots of smaller ones - wondered if that's what others do or if anyone has found other solutions?


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    Not sure about size, but I believe bit rate will come into it.
    Not just the bit rate that you use in the compression, but the bit rate that the USB stick can transfer at AND the bit rate the TV can read a USB stick at.

    And take a look at this from 2014 ... in particular johnmeyer's post#4 for how many other variables are involved.

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