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    Hi all

    My first dive into both filming and editing my own piece. Decided to submit this to the festival film shorts, didn't get very far but would love to get some feedback!

    Used a gh4 with editing in premier cc 2015. I hadn't colour corrected anything and some very shakey cam type work but hoping to improve over time!

    Any feedback or tips on how to improve would be great! Would love to hear about some ideas on what to improve on the edit but also any cool premier tricks!

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    I think the pacing was fine but mix in a bit more off stage footage like of the audience maybe also the drummer's feet - generally more variety.

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    Not a bad job at all given the conditions. Lighting is always a problem with this sort of thing. When you're cutting between very differently lit shots it can jar - although a certain amount of contrast is, of course, desirable.

    I agree with Ray about trying to get a bit more variety next time - appreciate it may not have been possible to get anything wider than a mid shot of the singer or instrumentalist and you've mixed these with some good close ups, but there things other than faces you could close up on.

    If she was so inclined, I'm sure the blonde girl in the black number could eek out a decent living for a bit in a Blondie tribute act. She'd probably consider it an insult to her integrity, but it isn't meant as such.

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