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Thread: Dynamic subtitles (SRT) from CSV data - Vegas Pro 13

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    Default Dynamic subtitles (SRT) from CSV data - Vegas Pro 13

    This is for a flying movie (I am a private pilot - see whereby I get a GPS-generated data file containing fields like latitude, longitude, altitude, etc.

    It would be great to superimpose these onto the movie.

    I am roughly aware of the SRT method (and as a programmer i can see one could write a C program to generate the Matroska SRT format, from CSV data) but can anyone here offer specific tips for Vegas Pro 13, or even suggest a program which can do such a conversion?

    I am also aware Handbrake (which I use a lot) can import an SRT file, but I would prefer to avoid an intermediate rendering step.

    Example CSV data:

    15/07/2016 13:45:15 1233
    15/07/2016 13:45:17 1207
    15/07/2016 13:45:19 1179
    15/07/2016 13:45:21 1150
    15/07/2016 13:45:23 1121

    the 3rd column is the altitude of the aircraft. The date can be discarded - not really of much use. The time needs to be used to "locate" the subtitle correctly onto the video, OR maybe I could shift the video track (containing the subtitles - if this was rendered separately) left/right. The single altitude value needs to be displayed somewhere in the corner...

    I can use Excel to get closer to SRT e.g.

    1 13:20:46 13:20:50 50.83883 -0.29529 -2
    2 13:20:50 13:20:54 50.83798 -0.29582 -3
    3 13:20:54 13:20:57 50.83692 -0.29648 -2
    4 13:20:57 13:21:00 50.83604 -0.29700 11
    5 13:21:00 13:21:04 50.83516 -0.29749 46
    6 13:21:04 13:21:07 50.83404 -0.29815 138

    where you can see the two time columns are near to what is needed i.e. start and end of each subtitle. However I can't see a way in Excel of generating the milliseconds part e.g. 13:21:52,000. Well one could put the "000" into an adjacent column and then process the CSV file with SED and strip out the comma, but that is just tacky

    I have tried this
    but cannot get it to do anything useful with my CSV data.

    There is this
    which (near the bottom of the page) says it can do CSV to SRT... I am looking at that plug-in anyway because it offers one of the very few ways of generating a time code field, like the Sony Timecode but with better config options for the location of the text (the internet is full of people looking for a better Vegas timecode plug-in).

    I have no current use for the lat/long columns but in the future will try to generate an inset moving map from them! I can see one workflow for that but it's fairly complicated - it involves feeding the GPS track to a moving map app, capturing the screen into images, and combining these into a movie which is dropped onto the timeline.

    Also, does SRT require the end of the last one and the start of the next one to be at least 1 millisecond apart e.g. is it OK to have

    13:20:46,000 --> 13:20:50,000
    13:20:50,000 --> 13:20:54,000

    or is it required to do

    13:20:46,000 --> 13:20:49,999
    13:20:50,000 --> 13:20:53,999

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    Can Platinum 12 (MSP12) import SRT files?

    I cannot find info online. All references refer to the Pro versions.

    Also, where is the font, size, position etc controlled from, after the import? The SRT format covers only the text and the start/end times.

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    Well, it turns out there is NO .srt import in Vegas!

    You have to use the $99 Vegasaur plug-in

    Vegas (any version) cannot import SRT, it seems.

    The procedure is less than trivial - you have to follow the above video carefully, especially the procedure for creating a custom event template so the imported subtitles end up where you want them, and not spread across the frame in the default 48pt size

    However, importing a lot of subtitles does very nearly hang Pro 13. I loaded 9000 of them (each one lasting 3 seconds) to depict longitude and latitude etc for a flying movie, before cutting most of it out. The user interface was so slow that one could only just about operate the program. I think one would just do a render to an intermediate file in such a case and then re-import that.

    Also the option on Vegasaur to "load at cursor" doesn't appear to work.

    However this is a viable solution for this type of application.
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