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Thread: Speech editing in videos

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    Default Speech editing in videos

    Hi all,
    I have a video of some famos actor congrats someone for his birthday.

    I want to edit the speech and change some words (like the name of who he is congrats, and the age and etc...)
    Of course I need it to be in the original voice - just replace the words.

    Is there anyway of doing it???


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    You would need to find someone who can imitate the voice.

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    How is it possible that's the only way?
    I mean Im not an expert but I thought that a digital voice is can be processed and other way of doing it?

    I saw that adobe premiere pro had an option of speech analyse with the ability to actually change the words after the analysis...
    but it doesn't have anymore... still it shows that the technology exists right?

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    I have never seen something like that in action.

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    i suppose if you slice up certain words and put them together.

    like if the character were to say "money" and "me"..

    take the "mo" and link it to "me" and it sounds like he's saying "mommy"

    i've never done it but sounds like it might work

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