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Thread: Need help for a better pc :(

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    Default Need help for a better pc :(

    Hey guys today I made a GoFundMe link because I am editing for around a year. My pc renders 1 pc from 10 minutes 2 days long. I am planing to make also youtube videos with the pc ( like tutorials and animations) .. I made a pc list on partpicker and the total cost is 2500 EUR. I dont make to much money @ work and I am saving money for around 1 year and I only have 200 euro because my school is asking me to buy alot of stuff. I hope some guys here can help me to get a new rendering beast.

    i7 6700k
    MSI geforce gtx 1080
    Coolermaster 200i
    3 24 inch monitors
    750 watt power supplie


    With kind regards, Alex

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    If you're fairly confident about making money, why not just take out a short-term high-interest loan off the street

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    I have work but I need to spend the money for school and extra stuff and I dont have enough money to save for it (50 euro per month)


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