Hi All,

I need some help and advice please.

I am currently editing a family video.

The video is in full HD. MP4 file. The frame rate is 50 frames per second.

Now when i click on each video file it plays fine.

However when i import this to Corel Videostudio PRO X4 the audio disappears.

However when playing this in windows movie maker (yes the free one) it works fine?

Am i doing something wrong? does this version of Corel not support this file to play with audio?

I was thinking of creating an audio file via movie maker and than importing the audio file to the corel software. However this will take time, and why should i have to do this? Also i fear it may not go in sync of the video too.

Can someone please help.

Is there a plugin i can buy, or something in settings i need to adjust, or do i have to upgrade?

Corel suport didnt help at all.