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Thread: Pinnacle 7.13 Upgrade

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    Having just bought a camcorder I'm keen to do some basic editing and saving to DVD. However I've tried to transfer video using my PC's pre-installed 7.13 but I keep getting an error sign. I've tried to update the version I have but the FTP always times out. Funnyly enough the upgrade/buy link to 8 or 9 does work, but I don't want to take the leap unless they are any good. Therefore.

    Are 8 or 9 any good?
    Are there any download options or do I have to wait for a CD?

    Thanks in advance - Kieorn[/list]

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    it's definitely worth the upgrade, in terms of added features and improved stability. let's face it, studio 7 is stone-age. but i don't think they support the upgrade from version 7 directly to 9 so you're probably gonna have to buy the full cd. but for $ 99, it's really worth it.

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    yep 9 is great, just got to be carfull of all the extra add ons you can easily rack up a few 100 more on the extras

    Havent used anyother editing programme so cant compare, but for what i do its easy to use and its easy to get along with.
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