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Thread: FireThroughSmoke - Dreamer [Country Rock]

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    Default FireThroughSmoke - Dreamer [Country Rock]

    Hey guys!

    First in a series of videos I produced for these guys, would love to hear any comments/feedback before I release any of the other ones?

    Thank you and hope you enjoy

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    Very nice job except for one thing. Too much wobbly hand held shots. I take it you didn't have a tripod.

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    I'm not quite as anti h/h look as I used to be and I think mostly it was done well here.
    However there were one or two clips where the camera appeared to wander around a bit aimlessly. If you're going to move a shot (which redirects a viewer's attention) it should at least go "to" a specific place.
    Directing a viewer's attention is also the purpose of shallow depth of field and I felt there were one or two odd choices here - for example 1:25 we have the focus on the rear three quarter profile of the Les Paul player with the singer (who is singing at this point) out of focus. It works better when you shift the focus, but I'd shift it much sooner in the shot (so the singer is only very briefly out of focus).
    Guitar solo (or any solo) - get a shot of the instrument at the very beginning of the solo, or if feels like we're playing catch up (like in a live performance where you don't know what's coming next)

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