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Thread: Help with new PC for editing

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    Default Help with new PC for editing

    Ok I need help putting together the best PC I can right now for video editing.
    Most of my videos are within 5-10 mins. But I would like to make one 45-60 mins long in the future. Heres what I think I may be buying.

    60-100gb internal harddrive
    180gb external harddrive
    1gb RAM
    pentium 4 or higher
    at least 2Ghz
    DVD burning dock/drive
    126mb video card

    please help me with thises and thats for my computer. I'm choosing a PC over a iMac. Do you guys think this is a good move? I have a guy who can make this for me for alot cheaper. I figure if I can get out of a PC what I can get out of a Mac for cheaper, then why not. Please help me out with my decision, I'm younger and I cant spend money as easly so I want to get something good for my money. Thanks.

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    hi. the specs your put there are good enough.
    the graphics card doesn't count. it could be anything as long as it's not integrated on the mobo ('cause then it would be using your ram). hell, i use a geforce4 mx with an athlon64...
    don't forget about the firewire ports. having them on the front panel would be nice. or, if you want to edit analog too, count al least another $ 150 for an analog capture card.
    good luck!

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    It's been said before and I'll repeat it here. Some of the spec you've quoted will depend (officially at least) on what s/w you intend to use. Don't forget to budget for s/w by the way.

    By this I mean that Adobe simply do not support external hard drive for video editing. Mount your extra drive internally and you'll be fine using that as a video drive.

    Realistically, you'll have no problems with an external drive as they are plenty fast enough now. But if you have cause to call Adobe (for example) for help/support they'll probably not help you.

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    If I want to import with firewire do I need a special card? I thought XP Pro recognized it automaticly

    I may be using adobe DVD but I'm most likely going to be editing with Vegas and hopefully Avid later on

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    you don't need a "special card" if there are any firewire ports on you mobo. if not, you have to get one. any firewire card will do.[/i]


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