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    Hey Guys,

    So yeah im learning how to make skate edits and i really want to know how to sync the beat to the things happen in the video
    can anybody help me with this?

    would love to get answers
    we can also write over skype or something else
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    You have to line it up manually.

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    Put your music track on the timeline.
    Play it through and tap the "M" key along with it. This will place markers on each beat.
    Shuffle your video so that the bits you want to sync line up with the markers.

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    Yo can we like write over Skype or something?

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    It's not complicated. You don't sync the beat to the video, you sync the video to the beat. Put the music on the timeline, play it, listen and choose spots where you want a video action, line up the video to that spot.

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