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Thread: Laptop for editing (budget 1000 dollars)

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    Default Laptop for editing (budget 1000 dollars)


    I am looking to buy a new laptop for editing (using Edius, Avid, Adobe Premiere, After Effects). My budget is 1000 dollars and the priority for me is a performance (screen can be 15,6 even). Thank you for any tips and advices.

    EDIT: And please only tips for laptops not PCs. Thank you.
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    I would go for a HP or Dell. Both are good for editing purpose. However, you need to make sure the specs are up to your standards. Other then that, go check of the different comparison charts based on your needs, like : as an example. You will find plenty of different laptops under the 1000 bar. You can get a lot of raw power for that money.

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