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Thread: Jagger's edges! HELP!!

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    Default Jagger's edges! HELP!!

    I make my YouTube videos on camtasia studio 8 on my surface pro 4. The software is fine other than it is a bit glitchy, anyway, I use a Nikon d5200 and when I watch the video on the camera it is all good but when I import the footage into camtasia, all the edges of the video are Jagged (only when I move) and even when I render the video it is still jagged!


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    Jagged edges are usually to do with shooting interlaced footage and not deinterlacing properly before playing back in preogressive. That's rather vague i know but it's a bit unclear what you're doing. As I understand it Camtasia is a screen capture program, but you're talking about a D5200. Anyway, I suggest you continue your research by Googling interlaced video.

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    Tim's right if you are getting combing that's usually the wrong field order selected during rendering. In the field order selection properties of your software, if the original material is SD footage choose lower field first. If it's HD footage it's Upper field first. BUT are you actually filming interlaced footage ? That would be most unexpected with your camera. SO select none progressive in the field order.

    OK, having said all that, the other thing it could be is when people talk about jagged edges is called aliasing. It's the way the camera reduces the resolution of the image on a big sensor down to 1080 resolution.
    There's not much you can do about it if you didn't notice it in the view finder at the time of filming. You can read all about it HERE.

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