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Thread: Amazing Super Mario live action video

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    Thumbs up Amazing Super Mario live action video

    Check this awesome video out.

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    Nicely done FX - especially the arms.
    I didn't like the fact the footage had a tendency to go in and out of focus.
    It was too long for what it was. We knew what was going to happen and you didn't do anything to build the tension, so it could have been edited more snappily.

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    Pretty good, but the first fireball bounce part didn't shine or really effect the pavement, so it looked kinda fake.

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    Plot was going forward too slow but somehow the color grading was very nice. Looked very clean, crips and high quality image. Good job with the vfx!

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    Nice VFX!

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    When I read the title of this thread I thought it was for this:

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