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Thread: Where can I find this effect?

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    Question Where can I find this effect?

    Hi, I've just saw this cool effect this guy uses on his video, and was wondering how I could get it. Seems like a green screen overlay or something...

    Thanks in advance!

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    It an animation made from different layers. The back ground is one layer (video track) the different blobs moving around are also on different tracks simple to do but very time consuming to do all the different motion manually.

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    As far as I know that's actually a game and what's different here is that there are avatars on the spheres instead of just a single color. I guess it's achieved by a game plugin here but could also done in post editing by motion tracking.

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    Guys, it's not editing.

    The blobs and everything are all part of the game (called agario). I'm just asking about those "flames" happening for a second. I know it's an overlay, but where can I get it?

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