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Thread: SJ CAM video too white

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    Default SJ CAM video too white

    Hallo everyone!
    I have filmed some clips with this action cam (SJCAM 5000+wifi), but the colours in the videos are too white, especially when i am filming in a sunny environment. Does anyone know how can it be fixed? I have attached two photos to show you how it looks. I am using Vegas Pro 13.
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    looks to be over exposing .... tried adjusting exposure in settings ?
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    I believe my exposure is at -0.7. I will try to lower it next time, but i think that then the lighter part of the frame will be ok but the darker part will be too dark so you won't be able to see whats going on there. Thats why i thought i needed somehow to decrease the white part of the frame whereas the normal part remains exposed the same.

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    Electronic imaging devices can't handle the same dynamic range (dark to bright) as human eyes. You have to prioritize, decide what part of the range of brightness matters most and expose for that. Once the whites are clipped (overexposed so there's no detail left) you can't unclip them.

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