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    Hi, not sure if anyone can help but I'm having real problems with watching movies I've copied onto a DVD on my DVD player. The DVD player is brand new & supports all DVD-R/RW + DVD+R/RW..etc etc.
    They're basically movies I've downloaded, they're in AVI format, should they be in another format? I've transferred them onto DVD using different software packages & can be watched perfectly on the pc, as soon as I put the disc into the DVD player it says it can't read the disc, has anyone got any solutions as it would be much appreciated...??!!

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    Ok first things first what format PAL of NTSC?it might be youve made a wrong format of disc...can you please say what softwareit makes it easyer!
    You need to check that you have PAL as your selected format if you live in europe and NTSC if you live in america. I expect that if you could tell us what software you use at least one person will have it and help you!
    Thanks luke

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    Somebody please jump in if I'm wrong but I don't think that DVD players can play back AVI files. Don't you have to convert your AVI to MPEG / VOB first and then burn your DVD?

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    'Set top' DVD players won't play .avi files. You need to convert the .avi files to DVD format...
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    For clarification: the majority of standalone DVD players will only play MPEG1 or MPEG2 encoded videos authored using the DVD or VCD whitebook standard. These are guaranteed to play.

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