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    Please indulge this newbie

    Today I bought a Sony Handycam 803E which I have been enjoying for a coupe of hours now.

    I'm excited because this camera records 5.1. sound, and the image I get after I've finalized the disc in the camera is absolutely stunning.

    Now, contrary to what the salesman told me - I am finding that editing the files seems to need specialised software.

    My Gigabyte DVD Writer does not recognise the mini-DVD disc unless I finalise it. Once finalised the disc contains the usual ISO and VOB files.

    I want to be start learning how to edit these, put them together in my own sequence of shots, create menus with my own titles, have transition effects, put a soundtrack in, perhaps voice over a narration, trim the files etc .. the basics of editing.

    I don't want to spend too much more money (The Adobe Premiere Pro is out of reach for me now). I want an editor that will allow me to do some basic stuff with my DVD's and allow me a little room to grow into and most NB - that will preserve the great quality of the pictures and sound that the finalised mini-disc is giving me.

    Help appreciated.


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    Hi David

    This is probably the most commonly asked question. Please see section 9 of the FAQ:

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    Ah .. thanks for that...

    Virtual Dub brings my mpeg file into it's screen but seems to not bring the sound with it.

    I selected the DV codec ... shall I save the dile then with a dv extention. Virtual Dub offers me only avi and two other options as extentions?

    Thanks for your indulgence.

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    Hiya david - AVI extension is fine. the AVI format can be all different types of codec.

    As for your sound not working, I'm not sure about that. Maybe it has issues with 5.1 sound (assuming you're recording in it)

    That could be an interesting one....

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    Ja I think it is the 5.1. - it also doesn't seem to cope too well with the 16:9 ratio my little mpeg of the good woman preparing dinner was shot in.

    SO - I'm too old to be mucking around with makeshift stuff. Anyone care to venture a recommendation for an editor in the 80-100 USD range that will deal with my 5.1. 16:9 footage in VOB file format and will let me make nice home DVD's with attractive menus and maybe the latest Coldplay single as a soundtrack while the dog dances with the daughter?

    Nice to find such an active forum here

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    OK - I'm busy looking at Sony Vegas DVD+ for 89 dollars. I like the look of it - seems to suit my noobishness nicely.

    I've submitted a pre-sales question to them - I need to know if it will keep my 5.1. sound intact.

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