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Thread: Strange problem in video - can e.g. Handbrake get rid of this?

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    Default Strange problem in video - can e.g. Handbrake get rid of this?

    Around 0:48 and 1:16 you can see some very bad effects in the houses. I don't know the name for this. It happens with overly fast panning.

    That part of the video comes from a Nokia 1020, 30FPS. The rest of the video comes from a Samsung S7, 60FPS. 1080P in all cases. It was dropped into Vegas 12 and rendered to 1080P 60FPS 25mbits/sec. Then, trying to improve that undesirable effect, I tried various things in Handbrake (latest 64 bit version, win7-64).

    De-interlace doesn't do anything, unsurprisingly. Neither does detelecine although the effect does look like telecine to me. Deblocking and decombing does nothing too. But I could just have the wrong settings.

    I output it to 1280x768 because 1920x1080 is a bit pointless when uploading to Vimeo which anyway drops the bit rate to about 5mbits/sec (I do pay them the $50/year).

    Maybe the Nokia is just having problems making that video, with overly fast panning producing more data than it can compress in real time.

    Any advice much appreciated.
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    Did you try rendering at 30p?

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    Yes. It doesn't visibly improve the bad bits, and (as I would expect) visibly degrades the bits done with the S7 where there is any panning. My limited experience is that 50/60 FPS produces a massive improvement in clarity where there is any movement beyond really very slow.

    This little video (after halfway) shows the 25/50 difference

    Vimeo degrades the example value, by compressing to about 5mbits/sec...

    This one shows what 50FPS can look like, although that wasn't done with a phone. It was done with a FDR-1000V "action cam" (like a Go-Pro)

    The 60fps version from the Samsung S6 phone (similar to the S7 except the S6 doesn't have video stabilisation at 60fps) is here

    and that is probably similar to the S7 sections of the video at the very top - as one would expect. Not as good as the FDR-1000V but it doesn't suffer from the panning issue.

    I guess my problem is that I don't even know what the original problem is...

    I wonder if it is a rolling shutter effect? It looks worst on the vertical lines of the windows.
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    The original file from the Nokia does not show the problem I presume....

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    Yes, it shows the same effect.

    I think it must be rolling shutter.

    There are Vegas plugins for rolling shutter correction - I seem to recall Mercalli and NewblueFX do them, but it's not worth buying them for one job. They also correct only vertical effects, not rotating effects (e.g. the notorious propeller one).

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    I think the only way you can not have this problem is to shoot at 60 fps for moving objects or when the camera is moving.

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    Well, not using the Nokia 1020 would be one way

    However I have rendered 25p or 50i 1080 footage from a Canon G10 video camera, to 50fps 1080P, without these effects. Especially 50i to 50p works rather well, using Handbrake's de-interlace feature. (the G10 can't do 50p).

    That's why I think this effect is something else. It looks like rolling shutter to me.

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    I think there is simply something wrong with the camera, when panning too fast.

    I tried the rolling shutter fix in MSP12 and it does nothing.

    Rendering in 30fps also does nothing. 60fps looks a little bit better.

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