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    So here's the skinny. I've been dabbling in time lapse editing with a go pro for a bit now. I've recently gotten tired of using the the go pro editing for my time lapses. I was wondering though... since the go pro studio editor does make getting rid of the fish eye effect really easy. Is there a noticeable amount of quality loss when the program renders your still images into the .avi files you can use for editing later? I am only asking this because recently when importing my stills to sony vegas.. saving.. and the dragging the .veg file over to edit all images at once. The render for a 1:30sec clip is taking upwards of 3 hours..where as before the time required to render was no where near this. I feel like there's something new I can learn here be cause 3 to 4 hours for clip less than 2 minutes when I have about 5 to 6 min total just makes my bum hurt :-(

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    I use the "import" feature of Vegas over the plain .jpg GoPro images. You select them all (they MUST be in a sequence of names/numbers, otherwise Vegas will not creat a seguence). Make sure you select the sequence box on the import menu. This way Vegas will create the best "movie file" to work within it. Sorry if I said the obvious part.

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    Thanks for the reply. I saw something on that earlier today but I think I misunderstood the process. I just select a root file as the starting image and check sequence right? When I first tried using this I selected all four thousand images.. which ended up being amusing. Though will importing like that help with the render speed at all or do timelapses naturally take an age and a half to render in Sony Vegas?

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    I just click on the first file in the sequence, Vegas thinks for a few seconds and then the "select sequence" check box is enabled. I check the box and, after a popup that allows one to "name the tape", Vegas adds the video file to the Project Media. From there I drag it into the timeline (note: ancient version of Vegas). Repeat for each GoPro folder. I keep the image files in the folders and drag them onto an external drive. Got tired of waiting for the GoPro software to do its correction process. And yes, I think there was a loss of quality using their conversion but I'm not certain. I've found that I tend to zoom in a little, which makes the fish-eye less noticeable.

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