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Thread: HDMI splitter for 7 TVs and 1 projector keeps flickering A/V

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    Default HDMI splitter for 7 TVs and 1 projector keeps flickering A/V

    We have:

    Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K
    Configured for 720p60 output
    'Program Out' HDMI output plugs into the input of the HDMI distributor below

    Gefen 1:10 HDMI Distribution Amplifier (Black)

    There are 7 TVs and 1 projector that is HDMI splitter takes the Program Out of the switcher to. All of the endpoint video cable runs (TVs and projector) involve HDMI-to-CAT transmitters and receivers. The TVs and projector are classrooms, nursey rooms, lobby, overflow area, and kitchen. These endpoints are meant for people who are unable to be in the sanctuary so that they can continue to be engaged in the service.

    The problem:

    Every endpoint's video and audio flicker occassionally, sometimes very frequently. We've identified that if we run a 100ft cable straight from the switcher's Program Out to an endpoint that the flickering does not happen -- so the 10-way splitter seems to be at fault.

    Some of the cable runs to the endpoints are using Gefen-brand HDMI-to-CAT kits while other are using SnapAV Binary HDMI-to-CAT kits; they are in pairs (not mixed brand), and all of them regardless of brand are affected.

    We tried replacing the Gefen 10-way HDMI splitter with a J-Tech 8-way splitter (, and it seemed to resolve the problem but after 2-3 weeks the problems are back again.

    What's the solution here? :(

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