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    Question Direction/Advice Needed

    Hi guys!

    I have filmed and edited a number of clips in the past and I have decided that I would like to take my hobby to the next level by learning more about filming and editing. My experience to date is mainly made up by music videos from holidays. Ideally, I would like to start making semi professional music videos for bands around my area.

    Due to my rather limited experience, I would like to ask some more advanced members of the forum for the advice with regards to what would be my next reasonable step to get to the next level.

    The equipment available: Nikond d5200 (with the default lens), gopro hero 4 and iphone 6s. In terms of knwoledge, everything that I've learned so far was through doing, with not much of studying done in-between different videos.

    The following is my last project, which was a music video from my honeymoon.

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    If you want to make video from bands then just do it. You could start by editing footage from a festival. Make sure you get a nice variety of view angles. It would be nice if you also could tell a story with the song at least if it has a message. Watch a lot of music videos to get inspired.

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    The best way, and the most fun is simply to find a local band and ask them if they want a music video made. Then stand back because they will probably smother you with kisses and gratitude.

    Well maybe not, but most musicians have the motto "If it's free we'll have two please." Then try out different techniques and see what works. Equipment doesn't matter, you can make a video with your iphone, it's about gaining experience.

    Then post the results here for honest, constructive criticism. Don't try to make money to start with, get good in your craft, then worry about earning out of it.

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    Good advice above.
    The only thing I'd add is don't be afraid to make lots of mistakes. Aim for a masterpiece, but don't expect one every time. When your work fails to meet your own very high expectations, don't use that as a negative, use it as a positive lesson in what you could have done better.

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    I'll add one more thing to the above. Start thinking about ideas for videos. I always think a music video should have a narrative or at least some sort of message. You can just shoot the band playing live but it'll probably be a more interesting video if you have a story that goes with the song or a gimmick originality is often good also.

    Good luck nothing beats just doing it and then doing it some more and then again etc.....

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