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    I have a shot of a highway which lasts about 20 minutes at normal speed. I put 2 copies of it in the time line and sped one up real fast and left the other one normal speed. I added a crop to one and made it so one side of the highway was going super speed, and the other side was going normal speed. It looks sort of good, but there I am still able to see where the one video ends on the screen and where the other one begins. Its like a line going down the middle of the screen. Is there anyway I can soften it so it isn't so noticable?

    Steven Bogda

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    You could try adjusting the brightness and contrast of one. Thing is, the main reason you can see the join is due to the footage being so different! Essentially if you put two distinctly different clips next to each other, you'll see a join - and this is what you're doing by speeding one clip up and slowing down the other.

    You could try adding a blur type filter to both...

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    how do you crop?
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