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    I'm looking to see if there is anyone with some experience in vidoegraphy, who would be interested in covering a family party on a Saturday night in Autumn 2016...

    The budget for this event is very tight, but the attendees will include a lot of 'senior' family members, many of whom haven't seen each other in decades. Whilst the family could (and will most definitely) take photo's, this would be a great opportunity to record footage of the family gathering.

    The location will be in the Walsall area (West Midlands), and it will be a night event - say 7:30pm to 11pm.

    If anyone knows of someone who would be interested in using this as a 'practice' opportunity, or an opportunity to build experience, or a portfolio, would you please contact me?

    We are not looking for a 'freebie', but a reasonable price is our goal. Editing would not be essential - we'd be happy to receive a copy of raw footage onto a (supplied) hard drive...

    Many thanks in advance...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiona Wilson View Post

    We are not looking for a 'freebie', but a reasonable price is our goal.

    Thanks for posting that, as I'm sure you're aware, this forum is against working for nothing, good luck.

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    I believe everyone is entitled to fair compensation for their time x

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    At my niece's birthday party, I handed a t3i to her younger sister and her friend, then spent a few minutes showing them how to use it to capture video - after watching two tiny sets of hands fiddle with all the dials, they toddled off and came back with great footage of the party, including some very nice shallow DoF shots

    Evrybody has a great video camera now if they have an iPhone or equivalent Samsung phone - just make sure everybody is filming, then get them to give you the footage so you can create a monster edit - remember 5 seconds for main shots, 2 seconds for cutaways and reaction shots - thank me later

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    If nothing is immediately forthcoming, I can make enquiries with a contact of mine at Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers and see if they have anyone interested.Just PM me. if needed.

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