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Thread: is this the correct forum for a new form of an old idea?

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    Default is this the correct forum for a new form of an old idea?

    In the '60s, '70s, and '80s, a popular item on TOP40 stations in the US consisted of small snippets of TOP40 tunes edited closely together
    to form a story made up of recognizable short pieces extracted from popular tunes.
    No attempt was made to align the pitch or tempo at the transitions between snippets. The contrast between the small sections improved
    the image of an imaginative "extracted" story line.

    I am wanting to do the same sort of thing to send amusing compilations to my friends via email.

    The difficulty is that my source material would be parts of Youtube HTML5 video and my final compilation would preferably play on
    Windows Media Player.

    I would prefer NOT to need to record the whole Youtube video and then extract what I need, but if that is my only option, I'll take it.
    I realize that getting audio and video to synchronize in small snippets will be a challenge, but I would also need video editing
    software that could reconstruct the actual video stream in memory so that my edit points and transitions could be precisely made.

    I would NOT need to add any special effects.

    Ideally, the easiest way to do this would exactly mimic the audio tape operation:

    create a series of very small files that each contained a snippet. Place their filenames in a sequential list. Run a program that uses the list to
    concatenate them all together into one large file that would then play on Windows Media Player.

    Please give me some pros and cons, hints and tips.


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    Note that you may not only download snippets from YouTube due to their terms of service. If you follow them strictly you would need to ask the creators to send them to you by a different way.

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    You can get applications that do most, if not all, of the things you need. Take a look at this article

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