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Thread: Changing the width of a video

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    Red face Changing the width of a video


    So I'm making a video, and It would be nice to have it in the same width..
    But most people keep on sending me files filmed in this width

    But I'm making the video with this width

    Is it possible to change this? And so what program would you use?
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    First, you need you ask them to film in landscape mode rather than in portrait mode

    Second, pretty much any editing package will allow you to stretch and crop your video - iMovie is free on a Mac - I think you can download the free streamclip utility for PC and achieve the same result - but you will lose resolution in the process

    If you want to save the resolution, then put your videos in split screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmanjoe View Post
    Ah i wish people would stop filming in portrait mode because it literally makes no sense. Our eyes are even set in landscape mode. Just turn the phone sideways! It is not even any harder!
    Prime use of camera on phone is selfie.
    90% selfies are girls (and boys) wanting to show off how they look - full body, top to toe. The phone in portrait is perfect for that.
    So it never occurs to them that they can hold the phone in landscape - anyway surely everyone would rather be looking at the selfie they've just shot, wouldn't they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmanjoe View Post
    True statement there Tim. Though I don't really understand the whole selfie craze. Despite being a millennial.
    I agree

    Why do people think they have to be in every frame?

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