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Thread: beginners set-up / firewire question

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    Default beginners set-up / firewire question

    I am considering getting a camcorder and underwater housing for shooting footage of my overseas and uk dive expeditions.

    I already have a shiny new imac with usb, firewire and the imovie editing software (OK I know imovie ain't the best bit it'll do for now until i pay for something better and develop my editing skills) - so that side of things should suffice for now.

    The imac has a firewire 40 connection, I have only heard of firewire IEEE1394 before - are these 2 compatible? (i.e can I connect a ieee1394 cable to a firewire40 socket and make it work) - if not can anyone recommend a camcorder in the 500-700 price range that is compatible with firewire 40 and my imac ?

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    Have to plead my ignorance, but never heard of firewire 40! Perhaps this refers to the rate of transfer (sustained transfer rate of 40MB/s? I can't imagine its anything else other than a FireWire/1394/i.LINK connection.
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    Ok, just read that Firewire 800 is a new standard in firewire (the 800 being the 800MB/sec bandwidth) - to not confure matters, the original standard is now called Firewire 400). Could this be what your answer?
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