Iīm using Sony Vegas and Iīm trying to edit a video a music video. What I want to do is to play from time to time the video like 3seconds backwards (like a small glitch) and then forward from that point.

If I change the Velocity Envelope on Sony Vegas with the mouse, moving it up und down I get the FX which I want, but I canīt "record" it as I play it live. I donīt know if Iīm clear enough....

All in all, the FX should make the video play backwards like 1-5 seconds, and from that position play forward again. This should happen from time to time (almost random), but a lot of times during the 7min video. Thatīs why working with the Velocity Envelope on Sony Vegas is quite slow and hard.... maybe because Iīm missing something.

Do you know from a Video Editor or how to do it easily and fast on Sony Vegas?


It would be something like this something like this https://youtu.be/pUef4cWEhcY , but automatically