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Thread: Figure in the landscape, "River - Woodland" my first in 16:9

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    Default Figure in the landscape, "River - Woodland" my first in 16:9

    Hello all,

    I tried to make some video footage in 4:3rds format with my Panasonic G2 thinking I might be able to upscale it to 960 x 720, the results were too small to be of any use. I've got 1,000's of 4:3rds still images that I can merge with a video.

    Tinkering about with ideas then led me to buying a Panasonic GH1 and being lucky for once there was one on eBay with only 1700 shutter actuations, it looks new. I looked at the hacks and patches that are available for the camera tried lots of them and eventually chose Mr L. Powell's 75Mbps Reliability Patch.

    While doing this I began to think about using the 16:9 format the prospect at first horrified me thinking about all my 4:3rds stuff, but, I do like to 'start again' every now and then. Making stuff in 16:9 whether still or video is quite a bit different from 4:3rds a wider frame to fill being just the start of it. It made me think a lot more and after a few hours I began to realise just why the cinematographer's art is so different and the reason that some of their almost 'still' sequences look so good.

    I found a video art call from Launceston in Tasmania asking for landscape orientated video work and came up with this called simply "River - Woodland" it's a mixture of figurative stills and video.

    The sound is recorded on site either using the camera or a Tascam DR-05, it's 4 minutes 20 seconds long.

    Cheers - Jem

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    No music?
    The sequences were far too long to be enjoyable for me.

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    Hello Ray,

    Many thanks for your comment I'm grateful to you, to answer your question; after the silence of winter the sounds of wildlife in the Spring are a joy to me and go together with the strengthening light and heat from the Sun, I think that music would be an urban intrusion into the natural events that occur in our English countryside.

    I'm sad that you found the sequences too long, I think we come from entirely different points of view; I thought it was too short to savour the individual moments, I love the gradual revealing of the figure and the slow cross fades it is my joy in life to create them. I am constantly delighted by what happens as two scenes change over especially when one part of one of them lingers into the next one and there comes a point where a fading one is at the same density as one that is being revealed.

    Cheers - Jem

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    Oh there is actually ambient sound. I really had to pump up the volume with headphones to notice it. I liked it better when I found that out.
    I really wasn't a fan of using stills though. For me that's the last resort if you really can't get footage of something with movement like e.g. when historical buildings have been demolished.
    Furthermore I miss some kind of story telling. Currently your approach is very artistic which isn't necessarily a bad thing but won't appeal to the wide audience.

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    Hello Ray,

    I thought the sound was too loud I have to turn it down a bit I'm pleased that you liked it better listening to the sound as well thank you. I was particularly delighted with the sound of the river changing sides as the two videos merged. I think of the stills as a complement to the movement and their crossfades produce something that is more than the sum of their parts. It's an area that having found I intend to explore even more, the 16:9 format has loosened up my imagination for making stills I have to think a lot more about how the space is to be filled.

    Thanks for the 'artistic approach' nice of you it's exactly what I wish to achieve, I'm not trying to appeal to a wide audience you quite right about that. But then of course you and perhaps others may be wondering what am I trying to do.

    Pleasing myself is the first thing and then submitting what I like to video art calls throughout the world. Since January I have had six screenings of my stuff, in the UK, France, Germany and the USA and have another coming up very soon at the Chelsea Fringe Festival in London.

    If anyone would like to see these art calls please go to: (the site is down for maintainence as I write this, it soon comes back though it's run entirely by volunteers)

    Cheers - Jem

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    Hello Joe,

    I find that most videos I look at are far too loud, the sound being horribly intrusive not to mention incongruous, one does feel sorry for the folks with cheap headphones who are unable to turn it down.

    Cheers - Jem

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