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Thread: Hi everyone, i need your help

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    Lightbulb Hi everyone, i need your help

    to be honest i dont even know if i am making my own blog entry or if i am replying to a thread of someone else, but if thats the case please advise me on how i should write my own independent entry.

    i am a traveling worker and am looking for someone that can edit my videos into youtube material so that i can upload it to there.
    i want to start a youtube channel and followers bundle. i am a student that couldnt afford to study anymore after i had to pay everything myself and now i am going to travel and
    want to start making videos and run a vlog channel if someone can help me with my video editing and it starts getting a decent amount of views then the person helping me will get his income aswell ofcourse.

    i am hoping to hear from someone soon that is willing to help me

    kind regards
    Lord Ellis

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    Just travel around, use your iPhone to capture your movies and your iPad to edit and upload them to YouTube - that's it


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