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    Default After effects audio spectrum effects

    I am thinking I would like to make some audio spectrum effects, but I'm wondering what sorts of things after effects can do. I notice that I can create multiple sort of "drawn in" spectrum effects, for lack of a better word, but I was wondering if I could use the audio spectrum data to do move powerful things than that.

    For example, can I map spectrum information to given parameters of other effects? Like, say I had a fish eye lens warp effect, can I set a frequency range to modulate paramters of the fish eye warp effect, such as radius or qantity of warp?

    Or, could I sort of layer videos on top of each other which are looped, and have their playback rate controlled by whether or not certain frequencies reach a certain volume, or mapped directly do a given frequency range. So, instead of a bar moving up and down, a looped video will play forward and backwards?

    What exactly are my limitations? And if I can do stuff like this, how would I go about doing it?

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    I'm also very curious to know the answer to this one

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    I have since discovered that these things are possible. Not that complicated really for liking amplitude of an audio file to any FX parameter. However, I'm having issues for playing an image sequence back and forth, partly because I can't figure out how to use time mapping with my image sequence. I guess I may have to convert the image sequence to something else, first.

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    I've gotten it working now, but just need to somehow fine tune it a little better. It's a bit too jumpy. Not sure how to go about doing that exactly.

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