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Thread: Will Firewire work ?

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    Default Will Firewire work ?

    I have just purchased a SONY DCR-HC19 handycam (MiniDV), it came with a USB cable and some software. I installed the software and plugged the cable in to one of my USB ports, the picture streaming was fine but there was no sound at all.

    I have a firewire port in my PC and Pinnacle Studio software on my PC, do you think if I get a firewire cable and connect the Camcorder in that way the sound will be transferred with the pictures.

    I connected my analogue camera through the USB port using a Dazzle box and the sound and picture tranfereed fine into Pinnacle, so I don't think I have a sound card problem.



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    Forget about USB now that you have a digital camera. Not only it will work, it's actually designed for it.

    (There was even an emoticon with NO USB YES FIREWIRE I wonder it where must have went - Marc check it out ?!)

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    firewire all the way.
    all the pictures and sound will travel through it, and everything will work fine.

    As soon as you plug your camera in, Pini will autodect.
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